Eyes From Above: The Sequel to “A Real Love Story”

Eyes from Above the sequel to “A Real Love Story” is a romantic novel about a man who experiences great loneliness and deep depression after the death of his beloved wife of forty-eight years. His loss of will to live consumes him until his wife comes to him in visions and urges him to enjoy his life on earth until they are united again for eternity…

Just Another Collie

Royalty is a three year old rough collie, who wants to tell his story of growing up in a home which earlier had two other collies. He has learned how to give love and receive it in return. Royalty is a loyal and a lovable pet and NOT “Just another collie”.

Double Ds Exposed

A murder mystery, is the sequel to Howard Milsted’s popular romantic novel, “Eyes from Above”. In “Double Ds Exposed”, Howard’s death turned out not to be the end of the romantic saga that was his life. After Claire, Howard’s wife of 48 years passed away. Howard met two other women, Delilah and Dawn, who each helped fill the void in his life. When a murder, and not a supposed heart attack, was determined to be the real cause of Howard’s death. The Double Ds (Delilah and Dawn), despite their dislike for each other joined together to undertake a perilous journey to bring his killer to justice…

A Real Love Story

Set in the 60’s, it takes you through the lost loves on one man, looking for real love. It had alittle bit of everything, laughter, tears, and history. I found the book very interesting for it is written by a man. I picked it up and wasn’t able to put it down until I finished. It’s a must read….